Movie/Video Clips Off DVD

By Jim Hartsell, Feb. 7, 2012.
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We have homemade DVDs that are copies of VHS and Hi8 home video tapes. For a long time I have looked for a tool that will let me easily get to a point on the DVD, click a Record button, click Record again at the end of the clip, and automatically create an mpeg file of that clip. The purpose is to extract segments of our many travel videos, and make a single DVD that just shows short highlights of where we've been. Also great for YouTube videos.

I finally found FREE VLC Media Player, I almost paid $40 for AoA Media Player that would record from a start time to an end time. After installation of VLC Media Player, go to View, and click Advanced Controls. You can then position where you want the clip to start, click Record, and click Record when you're done. It will create an mpeg file of that clip. Exactly what I need. You can also take a snapshot, loop from point A to point B continuously, and advance frame by frame. Perfect!!

ALSO: I found I could get the url of a web page video, paste it into a browser address line, hit Enter, and I'm given the opportunity to download the video. I can download and save the video file as a VLC media file. It works so far for a .flv file. Will add more file suffixes here when I get them.