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Dietzgen Maniphase Multiplex, Decimal Trig Type Log Log Rule, Catalog Number 1732, Purchased in 1957

Hewlett Packard produced the first electronic handheld scientific calculator, the HP-35, in 1972. BUT, I graduated from college in 1965, having majored in physics and math, with some electrical and civil engineering classes. This meant using a slide rule for math calculations.

I bought this slide rule in 1957 and used it through 12th grade high school and all through college. It was indispensible, and heavily used. Multiplication, division, squares and square roots, trig funtions, logarithms, etc. I carried it to class every day in it's black leather case.

As of 2007 and after 50 years, the center part still slides smoothly. I'm even re-learning how to use it.


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- Jim Hartsell