Little Nellie Hartzell
Died 1865, age 7 months

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In Raleigh (Zion) Cemetery, Washington Township, Rush County, Indiana (northeast of Rushville), there is a gravestone for Nellie Hartzell, died May 12, 1865, age 7 months, 2 days, daughter of "Wm. & M. Hartzell".

In 1981, at the library in Rushville, Indiana, I got this information from "Rush County Indiana Records, Early Cemetery Records Prior to 1886". Nellie's grave is listed on page 401.

I came across her identity in April 2008 while searching my ancestry, and thought I'd share it.

Nellie was a 6th cousin to my grandfather James Oran Hartsell (1881-1953).

Nellie's parents were William Bash & Margaret Hartzell. Nellie was their first child. She was born Oct. 10, 1864.

Nellie's grandparents were Martin Bash & Leah (Machling) Hartzell. Martin Hartzell was born in 1808 in Pennsylvania. He seems to have died before 1860.

Nellie's great-grandparents were John Adam & Catherine (Bash) Hartzell. John Adam Hartzell was born in 1780 in Pennsylvania, and died in 1840 in Moline, Illinois.

Nellie's great-great-grandparents were Johann Adam & Anna Maria Clara (Schlauch) Hertzel. Johann Adam Hertzel was born in 1747 in Pennsylvania, and died 1824 in Pennsylvania.

Nellie's great-great-great-grandparents were Hans George & Catherine (Schmetzer) Hertzel. Hans George Hertzel was born in 1714 in Germany, and died in 1762 in Pennsylvania.

Nellie's great-great-great-great-grandparents were my ancestors, Hans George & Anna Margaretha (Conrad) Hirtzel. Hans George Hirtzel was born in 1686 in Germany, came to America in 1727, and died in 1755 in Pennsylvania.

In the 1870 and 1880 Rush County Indiana Census, Nellie's parents were living in Washington Township, in the northeast corner of the county.

In 1870 William was 35 years old, born in Pennsylvania about 1835. Wife Margaret was 26. There is a son John, age 4, and a son Martin, age 2. Daughter Nellie died before William's son John was born.

The 1880 census shows William's parents were born in Pennsylvania. William was a retail grocer.

Going back to 1860 I found William B. Hartzell in Orange Township, Fayette County, Indiana, age 26, along with sister(?) Sarah A. Hartzell (21) living in the household of George (age 50) and Holly Spring. William and Sarah appeared to be orphaned.

In looking for an 1850 Hartzell family with son William age 16 and daughter Sarah age 11, I found one in Adamsburg Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania: Martin B. Hartzel, age 42, born 1808 in PA. Wife was Leah, age 39. Children were William, age 17, Martin, age 14, Sarah, age 11, Henry, age 8, Jonas, age 4, John, age 1. Note that William B. and Margaret Hartzell above named a son Martin. I checked 1860 for Martin B. Hartzel, age 52, all states. None found, so this is very likely William B. Hartzell's family. Therefore, William and his sister Sarah could have been orphaned. (Westmoreland County is in the SW corner of PA.)

From, there is an Individual Record for Martin Bash Hartzell, birth about 1806 in Westmoreland, PA. Wife's name was Leah Machling, daughter of Philip and Catherine (Coder) Machling.

For more on Nellie's ancestors back to 1580 Switzerland, see Paul Swan's Hartzell Chapter at
or my backup at
If these fail, try an internet search for "Swan ~ Hartzell Family History" or "Hartzell Chapter".

Note in the following that I have little confidence in accuracy of Pedigree Resource Files, but this one seems reasonable.

From, there is a Pedigree Resource File for Martin Bash Hartzell, born 8 Jan 1807, Westmoreland, PA. Death was after 1870(?) in Rock River Valley, Moline, IL. Martin's father was John Adam Hartzell, mother was Catherine Bash. John Adam Hartzell was born 4 Sep 1780 in Hecktown, Northampton County, PA, christened 24 Sep 1780 in Hecktown, Northampton County, and died 20 Aug 1840 in Rock River Valley, Moline, IL. John Adam Hartzell's father was Johann Adam Hartzell, mother was Anna Maria Clara Schlauch. Johann Adam Hartzell's father was Hans George Hartzell Jr., mother was Catherine Schmetzer. Going back one more generation takes us to Hans George Hartzell and wife Anna Margretha Conrad. These are the great-grandparents of my ancestor Adam Hartzell.


Johann Philip Hartzell and Johann Adam Hartzell were 2nd cousins. 
They were both in Bethlehem Twp., Northampton County, Pennsylvania, by 1772.
David Hartzell's father, and Martin B. Hartzell's father, were both born in Bethlehem Twp.
The two fathers were 3rd cousins.
David Hartzell and Martin B. Hartzell were 4th cousins.

Hans George Hartzell
b. 1686 Germany   |Hans Jacob Hartzell
d. 1755 PA        +------------------+
 Lower Saucon Twp.|b.1716 Germany    |Johann Philip Hartzell
 Northampton Co.  |                  +------------------+
                  |                  |b. 1743 PA        |Adam Hartzell
                  |                  |Northampton Co.   +------------------+
                  |  Barbel Ritter   |                  |b. 1768 PA        |David Hartzell
                  |  ----------------+                  |Northampton Co.   +------------------+
                  |                                     |                  |b. 1805 VA
                  |                   Christina Kreiling|                  |Franklin Co.
                  |                    -----------------+                  |
                  |                                                        |
                  |                                      Christina Sink    |
                  |                                      ------------------+
                  |                   Johann Philip was in Bethlehem Twp. by 1772
                  |                                    Adam Hartzell was born in Bethlehem Twp.
                  |                                    Adam moved to Franklin Co. VA after 1799
                  |                                    Adam moved to Montgomery Co. OH in 1815
                  |                                    Adam died after 1830, Mont. Co. OH
                  |Hans George Hartzell
                  |b.1714 Germany    |Johann Adam Hartzell
                  |d. 1767 Leigh, PA +------------------+
                  |                  |b.1747 PA         |John Adam Hartzell
                  |                  |Northampton Co.   +------------------+
                  |  Catherine       |                  |b.1780 PA         |Martin B. Hartzell
                  |  ----------------+                  |Northampton Co.   +------------------+
                  |    Schmetzer                        |                  |b.1807 PA
                  |                    Anna Maria Clara |                  |Westmoreland Co.                      
                  |                    -----------------+                  |m.1829 PA
                  |                        Schlauch                        |d. aft.1870
                  |                                                        |Moline, IL
                  |                                                        | Martin's son:
                  |                                        Catherine Bash  | William B. Hartzell
                  |                                        ----------------+ b.1835 PA,
Anna Margaretha Conrad                                                       Westmoreland Co.
------------------+                                                          Fayette Co. IN 1860
                                                                             Rush Co. IN 1870
                                                                               William's daughter:
                                                                               Nellie Hartzell
                                                                               b. 1864 d. 1865
                                      Johann Adam was born in Lower Saucon Twp.
                                      He was in Bethlehem Twp. by 1772
                                      Moved to Forks Twp. by 1783
                                      Moved to Westmoreland Co.
                                      Died 1824 Westmoreland Co.
                                                         John Adam was born in Bethlehem Twp.
                                                         Died 1840 Rock River Valley, Moline, IL

- Jim Hartsell