The Other David Hartzells


David A. Hartzell (1802-1868), son of Abraham Hartzell?

There was David A. Hartzell (not my ancestor) in Montgomery County, Ohio in 1835, and Cincinnati, Ohio in 1840, 1853 & 1860. That in 1835 he was a business partner of George Sinks ("Jr.") provides a critical clue that he was connected to our family. See Abraham Hartzell for more info. He was a member of the Cincinnati Pioneer Association, where their publication says that he was born in 1802 in Bedford County, Virginia, and arrived in Ohio on 1804. Some sources say Abraham & Eva Hartzell were married in Bedford, not Franklin County. The area north of the Blackwater River in Franklin County was Bedford County up to 1785.

David Hetzel (1806-1891), married Margaret Nieval 1830 Ohio

There is another David Hartzell that the "Hartzell Ancestral Line" confuses with my ancestor.

He was actually David Hetzel of Montgomery County, OH.

The "Hartzell Ancestral Line" says that David Hartzell married Margaret Nieval in 1830 in Montgomery County Ohio. In "Montgomery County, Ohio Marriage Journals 1803-1850", Vol. B, page 38, there is "on the 29th of April 1830 David Hetzel and Margaret Nievel". The "H" is written with a loop at all four ends, which makes it look like "Hertzel". The name Henry on the same page looks like Heenry.

David Hetzel was born May 4, 1806 in Rehrersburg, Berks County, PA; son of John and Catharina (Thomas) Hetzel. He died Feb. 2, 1891 and is buried at Hillgrove Cemetery, Miamisburg, Montgomery County, OH.

His wife Margaret (Nievel) was born in 1808 and died Sep. 18, 1878, also buried at Hillgrove Cemetery.