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(Re: Christina Sink, w/o Adam Hartzell)

Dec 19, 2004
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This web page offers clues to the ancestry of Christina Sink (~1768- ~1821), who married Adam Hartzell (~1765- ~1835) in 1786 in York (now Adams) County, PA. Christina may have been the daughter of Micheal & Mary (Ryel) Zinck, whose known children spanned only 10 years, so there could have been more. Micheal's son Abraham Sink (b. 1762) was born about the same time as Adam Hartzell, and both were born in Northampton County, PA. This same Abraham Sink settled in Franklin County VA near Philip Hartzell (Adam's father), both in 1792. Adam followed at about the same time or a little later. This Sink family also had apparent connections with the Sinks families of North Carolina, and thus a possible connection with the North Carolina George Sinks who settled in Montgomery County Ohio in 1804, where the Adam Hartzell family settled in 1815.

This document also provides a probable connection from Abraham Sink's brother Stephen to my ancestor David Hartzell, through the Toney family.

Note that Jacob Zinck/Zink born in Württemberg, Germany was Jacob Henry Zinck and also went by Henry Zinck.
Sink/Zink families - Troutt web page - click on Surnames, Miscellaneous, etc.

Rowan Roots - Shows Christina Sink born 1762, but she is not our ancestor.

Link to the full web page of David R. Jones, Jr.:

Link to a backup copy of the FIRST 5 GENERATIONS of the David R. Jones, Jr. file:

Comments by Jim Hartsell

South-eastern Pennsylvania.

Hartzell and Sink families in Northampton County, PA at the same time.

For information on the Hartzells, see the link on my home page "Paul Swan's Hartzell Chapter". Philip Hartzell (1743-1815) lived in Northampton County PA and York (now Adams) County PA until he moved by 1792 to Franklin County, VA. Philip's son Adam, who married Christina Sink in 1786, was born in Northampton County PA.

Jacob Henry Zinck, born 1698 in Germany, imigrated to America in 1725, and settled in Northampton County, PA. His son Micheal Zink, born 1722 in Germany, married Mary Ryel in 1754, presumably in Northampton County PA. Micheal & Mary Zink later lived in Chester County, PA. They had the following children, of whom Abraham, Stephen and Paul play a part in my comments:

Jacob Sink, b. bef. 1753, Northampton County, PA, d. Bourbon County, KY
Mary Sink, b. abt. 1754
John Sink, b. bef. 1755, Northampton County, PA
Henry Sink, b. bef. 1757, Northampton County, PA
Paul Sink, b. abt. 1757
Stephen Sink, b. Sept. 1759, Royal Colony, Chester, PA, d. 1835 Franklin Co. VA
Abraham Sink, b. Feb. 12, 1762, Northampton County, PA, d. 1847 Franklin Co. VA
The Revolutionary pension papers of Abraham Sink state he was born in 1762 in Northampton County PA, and enlisted in 1778 in Chester County PA.

Adam Hartzell and Abraham Sink both born in Northampton County at about the same time.

Adam Hartzell was the first child of Philip Hartzell. Philip married Christina Barbara Kreiling in 1765 in Dryland, Bethlehem, Northampton County PA. Adam was born in Northampton County PA after 1765, and several sources say "about 1768", which would mean he married at age 18 (in 1786). I'd say more likely born about 1765.

This means Adam Hartzell and Abraham Sink were both born in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, at about the same time.

Christina Sink may have been born in Northampton County PA.

It is a good possibility that Christina was a younger sister of Abraham Sink, and born after 1762. The known children of Micheal & Mary Zink were born in a 10-year range, so there could have been more.

An IGI Individual Record on Christine Sink, with Source Info being Film Number 2034537, shows her as born about 1763 in Northampton County, PA (younger than Abraham Sink). Record ID is 87903702.

Another source of information ( says that Christina Sink was born in Lower Saucon Twp., Northampton Co., PA., as was her husband Adam, who was born 12 March 1768.

Question on where Adam Hartzell and Christina Sink were married.

It is assumed that Adam and Christina married (in 1786) in York (now Adams) County PA, but during courtship they must have lived near each other or had a close family connection over a longer distance. Philip Hartzell supposedly moved the family from Northampton County PA to York (now Adams) County PA around 1781, when Adam was about thirteen. The Micheal Zink family moved to Chester County PA around 1760 but differing accounts show their children born both in Northampton and Chester Counties. The Troutt web page (link above) seems more recent and exact, and it says most of their children were born in Northampton County. At least we know for sure they were in Northampton County in 1762 when son Abraham was born, as noted above.

Note that the 1790 PA census shows an Adam Hartsel in Forks Township, Northampton County. This is another Adam who was taxed in 1785 in that township. It is a puzzle why Adam & Christina are not in the census.

In 1790 PA there were Sink families in the counties of Philadelphia, Chester, Berks, and Montgomery. See map above.

A connection between these families later in Franklin County VA.

Both Adam's father Philip Hartzell and Abraham Sink settled in Franklin County Virginia in 1792, seemingly close to each other on a branch of Mill Creek, about 7-8 miles NNW of Rocky Mount. As mentioned above, Adam Hartzell followed at the same time or a little later. See the link "Early Franklin County VA" for a map and more info.

Of interest is the birthplaces of Abraham Sink's children, to set a timeline.
Elizabeth Sink, b. abt. 1781, Chester County, PA, d. Franklin County, VA
Henry Sink, b. abt. 1787, Northampton County, PA, d. Franklin County, VA
Nancy Sink, b. 1788
Abraham Sink, Jr., b. 1789, Chester County, PA
Sarah Sink, b. 1793, Franklin County, VA, d. Franklin County, VA
Susannah Sink, b. 1796, Franklin County, VA, d. Franklin County, VA
Jacob Sink, b. abt. 1799, Franklin County, VA, d. Franklin County, VA
Jonathon Sink, b. abt. 1800
William Sink, b. abt. 1808
John Sink, b. 1808, Franklin County, VA
Mary Sink, b. 1810, Franklin County, VA, d. Franklin County, VA

Also of interest is Abraham Sinks' military service in the Revolutionary War. He received a severe wound in his face, and was in the hospital a long time. The wound left him almost deaf, along with a scar. He moved after the war to Franklin County, VA.

Stephen Sink was in Franklin County, VA by 1793 and settled 6 miles east of Rocky Mount. His name is on the Early Franklin County VA map. His children were, where Frony plays a part in my comments:
Henry Sink, b. 1783 PA
Susannah Sink, b. 1784
Elizabeth Sink
Daniel Sink, b. abt. 1789, d. 1828 in Franklin Co. VA
Mary Polly Sink
Froney "Fanny" Sink
David Sink, b. 1794, d. abt. 1867 Christian Co. MO.

A connection between Stephen Sink and David Hartzell (1805-1865).

Stephen Sink's daughter Frony married Jesse Toney 16 Dec. 1806, in Franklin County VA. George Hartzell, later of Union County, IN, married Susannah Toney, presumed daughter of Jesse's brother James, 28 Mar. 1809 in Franklin County, VA. This made Frony Sink an aunt of George Hartzell. George & Susannah had a daughter Catherine, who married James Alexander in Union County, IN. It is believed that David Hartzell, from a close relationship with George's family, named his first son James Alexander Hartsell. See the family chart at the end of this document.

William Toney's 1774 land was a couple of miles west of Philip Hartzell's. William was the father of James and Jesse Toney. See the link "Early Franklin County VA".

For more on all this, see my "Evidence for Ancestry of David Hartzell", and also go to the link

A connection with the Sinks families in North Carolina and Ohio.

Abraham & Stephen's brother Paul Sink moved to North Carolina about 1778 in the Salisbury area of Rowan County. This is very interesting because (1) it links the Pennsylvania Sinks with the North Carolina Sinks, and (2) Paul must have passed through Franklin County, VA. On the George Sinks mentioned in Paul Swan's Hartzell Chapter, the name "Sinks" does sound noticeably different from "Sink". However, George Sinks (of Randolph County, NC) is the one who was in Montgomery County Ohio by 1804, where Adam Hartzell settled in 1815. George Sinks' land was some 20 miles north of Germantown. George was in Washington County, eastern PA, by July, 1802.

There was also a Charles Sinks, 1801, in Hamilton County OH.

Abraham Hartzell, brother of Adam, was in Montgomery County, Ohio by March 1805, when he purchased federal land just north of Germantown.

Other information

There is another (Anna) Christina Sink. She was the daughter of John Jacob and Derrodea Zinck, born 29 Sep 1762 (!) in Davidson County, NC. She married John Henry Shoaf in 1782, and died 1843 Rowan County, NC.

NOTE - also in the 1790 PA census in Northampton County PA:
George Henry Hartsel, Salisbury Township
John Hartsel, Nazareth Township
Henry Hartsel, Upper Mt. Bethel Township
John Hartsel, Allen Township
Leanard Hartzel, Williams Township
Christian Hartzel, Williams Township


And do we need a diagram! Assuming Christina Sink belongs where she is shown below, you can connect JAMES ALEXANDER HARTSELL at the top right to JAMES ALEXANDER at the bottom right. (Time goes from left to right in this chart.)

If Christina Sink was Stephen's sister, then Frony Sink, George Hartzell's aunt, was Christina's niece.

In other words, if George was Adam's cousin, they had something in common. Adam was married to a Sink, and George had an aunt (Frony) who was a Sink, who could have been Christina's niece.

Susannah Toney below* is placed here because William Toney had a daughter AND grandaughter named Susannah (stated in his will), and the surety for her marriage was James Toney. Usually the father was the surety.
George Hartzell below** is very likely the son of Adam Hartzell. Before, I had a theory that George might be the son of John Hartzell (who married Catherine Schneider in 1781). This George would have been Adam's cousin. .
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1743-aft.1820  |ADAM HARTZELL
               |~1765-~1835     |DAVID HARTZELL
                  m. 1786       +----------------+        
                  York Co. PA   |1805-1865       |JAMES ALEXANDER HARTSELL
                                |                |-----------------
MICHEAL SINK                    |                |1837-1910
---------------+                |                 b. Fayette Co, IN
1724-          |?CHRISTINA SINK?|
               |ABRAHAM SINK
               |STEPHEN SINK
               |1759-1835       |
                                |FRONY "FANNY" SINK
                                |~1780-          |
                                |  m. 12/16/1806,|
                                |  Franklin Co.VA|
WILLIAM TONEY                                    |
--------------------------------+                |
1727-1804                       |                |
                                |JESSE TONEY     |
                                |SUSANNAH TONEY
                                |JAMES TONEY (surety for dau. Susannah's marriage)
                                |1776-1861       |*SUSANNAH TONEY
                                |                +----------------+
                                |                |~1792-          |
                                                 |  m. 3/28/1809  |
                                                 |  Franklin Co.VA|CATHERINE HARTZELL
                                                                  |~1811-1879      |
                                                                  |  m. 7/26/1827  |
                                                 **GEORGE HARTZELL|  Union Co. IN  |
                                                  ----------------+                |
                                                  ~1785-1830                       |
                                                                   JAMES ALEXANDER |