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Calumet High School Class of 1957

Email: jim57 "at"

This site gives you full ownership of your "bio"page, and provides complete privacy of your email address. Your first editing access to your page is through one of three passwords that only we should know. When you get to your page, you must then create your own personal password for future access. Your email address is hidden on the web server and not visible to spammer searches. Someone can only send you email if you have posted an email address, and they have created their own personal password and posted their own email address on their page. They only see your email address if you send a reply. For a recent picture of yourself, you can upload an image from your computer.

This method of contact for the Calumet High School Class of '57 is currently on my website. If it becomes popular, I plan to create a specific URL, something like

From the index page of thumbnail pictures, you can click on a classmate's picture to see their page. Their name will be in red if they have created a personal password for their page, and hopefully added their information.

To do the first edit of your page, there are 3 passwords that only our class should know. The passwords are an answer to one of the following (case sensitive):

  • The name of the Class of '57 yearbook (starts with "Ch", then all lower case).
  • The last name of our high school principal (starts with "Sw", then all lower case).
  • The name of our football team (starts with "Wa", then all lower case).
On your first edit, you should create your own personal password to protect your page. The password must contain only letters and numbers.

On your page, you must first have created your personal password and entered an email address. From your personal password, the system finds your email address as the "From" address.

You must Edit your bio before you can see your uploaded picture. Tell us about yourself - where you've been and what you've done since high school graduation. You can use HTML in this box (you'll be inside a TD of width 750).

You can upload a picture from your computer to your page. Perhaps a picture taken halfway between 1957 and now. If the picture is too wide, it will be resized.

No one will see your email address until you reply to an email from a classmate. A classmate can only send you an email if he/she has created a personal password for their page.

If you have problems, or if someone else manages to edit your page, please email me at jim57 "at" (email address disguised here).

This classmate communication method is a Perl CGI Script written by Jim Hartsell. It runs on the web server and generates returned web pages on the fly.