Black Oak Elementary School, 5th grade, 1950. Gary, Indiana.

Put the cursor on their faces to see who they are. Let me know if you know the unknown ones -
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Names, but can't place: Lillie Hoover, Lorali Wells, Janice Koedyker, Mary Oakley, George Bender, Jamelia Beasley,
Shirley Willis, Joan Farmer, Charlene McElroy, Marilyn Szpiech, Carol Chmielewski, Esther & Marjorie Spornic.
Apparently not shown: Chuck Loomis.

Some faces are recognizable from the 1957 pictures. I only remember four names - the two girls I had a crush on (Jemelia Beasley & Georgiann Mayor), and the two guys I walked to school with (Chuck Loomis & George Bender). Not sure if George was in the class. Gin (Virginia Johnson) Fraser has been very helpful with other names. I went to "Ross school" for 6th grade, where an interest in science was ignited that would dominate the rest of my life.
- Jim Hartsell

Ken Thompson?  ? Frank Hedrick?  ?  ?  ?  ? Virginia Johnson Georgiann Mayor Janice Koedyker?  ? Janice Marlow? Eleanor North?  ?  ?  ?  ? Noreen Herbst? Margaret? ? ? ? John May? Mrs. Wright? Sherman House  ?  ? Ron Hixon?  ?  ?  ? Jim Hartsell  ? LaVerne Hixon? Wayne Cable?  ? Bob Irvin? Clarence Hipp?  ? Carl Lewis? Bob Hedrick?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?