First tests with my dad's Agfa PB20 camera,
adapted for use with 120 film.
Kodak Professional T-MAX 100 Film.

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Images in distance are not in focus due to the lens.

My first picture, handheld. Our 2000 Trans Am.
October 5, 2005.

Most likely first ever tripod-mounted & cable-release use.
Cloudy bright day, Half Moon Bay, CA.
October 6, 2005.

Cloudy bright day, Princeton By-The-Sea Harbor, CA.
At f/22, boats in distance should be in focus, but it was hazy.
October 6, 2005.

First ever indoor picture with this camera.
Daytime with light coming in through sliding glass doors to the left.
Lightmeter at f/22, ISO 100; indicated a 7-second exposure.
October 8, 2005.

Light meter at ISO 100 and f/22; read 1/50 sec. as expected.
October 10, 2005.

First ever flash picture with this camera.
In the dark, I opened the shutter, fired a flash, then closed the shutter.
Vivitar 283 flash, Manual setting, 10 feet.
Picture was under-exposed; flash should have been at 5 feet.
October 12, 2005.